THE Letter

This is a letter that I,Tim Dog(one of the 2 makers of this page) sent to nintendo expressing my feelings on the cancelation of the Virtual Boy.Also,I have put up the reply that they sent me. We think that you also should mail a copy of this letter or something to the same effect to Nintendo so that they get the point. The letter and the reply follows:

Dear Nintendo, I am a proud Virtual Boy owner and I am very displeased that you,Nintendo, have stop making the Virtual Boy system and all its software.This highly dipleases me, but I have an idea to propose to you guys at Nintendo. Ok, you can stop creating the Virtual Boy systems(you already did though!!), but you should make around three games a year for the people who have Virtual Boy. Making three games a year isn't exactly murder for a company as big as your's!! I am positive that, even if you made one game a year for Virtual Boy, the owners of the system would be overjoyed!! Please take this idea into consideration because I don't think a system as good as the Virtual Boy should be killed!! Sincerely, (your name here)

Now, here is the reply that Nintendo sent me:


  Thank you for your interest in the Virtual Boy system. 
  As you've noticed, there aren't any new games being
  made for it. Let me take a brief moment to explain the
  status of this one-of-a-kind system.

  Over the past few years, we have put a great deal of
  resources and investment into the success of the Virtual
  Boy.  Due in part to the unpredictability and volatility of
  the video game industry, this system did not meet our
  sales expectations.  We regretfully made the decision
  to cancel further development of Virtual Boy hardware
  and software and have decided to focus our
  development strength on our very successful premier
  product, the Nintendo 64.

  We will continue to support the Virtual Boy in all facets
  of post-sale service, however.   If you have any game
  play questions, need replacement parts or repair
  information, be assured that we will fully stand behind
  our product.

  We are glad that you decided to play the world's only
  3-D virtual immersion gaming system and we hope that
  you will continue to play and support Nintendo
  products in the future.

  Although no new games are currently planned, please
  find below a list of the titles that have been released
  for the Virtual Boy:

  Game Title         Company       Release Date
  Galactic Pinball   Nintendo        August 1995
  Golf               Nintendo        November 1995
  Jack Bros.         Atlus Software  October 1995
  Mario Clash        Nintendo        October 1995
  Mario's Tennis     Nintendo        August 1995
  Nester's Funky Bowling  Nintendo   February 1996
  Panic Bomber       Nintendo        December 1995
  Red Alarm          Nintendo        August 1995
  Teleroboxer        Nintendo        August 1995
  Tetris 3-D         Nintendo        March 1996
  Vertical Force     Nintendo        December 1995
  Virtual League Baseball Kemco      September 1995
  Wario Land         Nintendo        November 1995
  Waterworld         Ocean           December 1995

  Thanks again for your comments.

  Nintendo of America Inc.
  Robin Krouse